The Horror We Make

This is an upcoming documentary from Koa Aloha Media. It will feature interviews with horror icons, filmmakers, actors, and fans of the genre.  Together we will be discussing why the … Read more

OC Standing Sets

Visit the OC Standings Sets website for booking and more info! OC Standings Sets presented by Koa Aloha Media is our home base for production and can be for you … Read more

Herbert West: Reanimator

  Official Website | IMDB | Facebook Page Facebook Group (Interactive Community Koa Aloha Media Links: FB | Instagram | Twitter | Web Herbert West: Reanimator is an episodic production starring Zan Alda … Read more

Amber Road (Post-Production)

AMBER ROAD: FEATURE FILM (Suspense/Horror) This project is now in pre-production. Interested in supporting the project? Check out the Crowdfund Campaign! Amber Road is a hidden place in the digital universe … Read more

In Development

This page houses our projects that are in development or ready for development. These are finished screenplays and ready to go or projects ready to enter the pre-production phase. If … Read more

The Electric Man

When Trace McNeil experiences a 12,000 volt shock, his life becomes a psychedelic blur of reality and fantasy in this science fiction drama.

Impact Event

A slow burn to insanity as a meteor strike, the end of the world, killer clowns, and cannibal convicts converge in this sci-fi-horror-thriller! This is an action thriller with a touch of sci-fi and a dab of horror.

Jekyll and Hyde

Currently Available on VOD/DVD at: Walmart | Amazon | Target | Best Buy Family Video | iTunes | Vudu | Tubi | Xbox | YouTube And most cable providers and many more on the way! Follow … Read more

A Bard for the Ages

Now available for viewing rent or buy on VOD!  Click Above or Watch on Vimeo and YouTube Koa Aloha Media Links: FB | Instagram | Twitter | Web Now available for viewing rent or … Read more

Antiquity (In-Development)

ANTIQUITY: FEATURE FILM (Suspense/Horror) Antiquity is the haunting and suspenseful tale of a mysterious creature imprisoned and cared for by a secret fraternal order. Twice a year, the Antiquity must feed. … Read more

7 Rivers (In-Development)

SEVEN RIVERS: FEATURE FILM (Suspense/Horror) A young woman awakens in a secluded inn following a car accident. She soon realizes the caretakers and the guests are there for a much more … Read more