7th Revelation (Social Distance)


7th Revelation
(Social Distance)

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“A conspiracy-thriller that delivers in all the important ways.”
“The movie is also a marvel of editing…”  –Bobby LePire, FilmThreat

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“7th Revelation” is a voyeuristic look into the lives of six people working from home while in quarantine during the 2020 pandemic. Each must battle the destructive demons of isolation, addiction, jealousy, and conspiracy.

This thriller is a one-of-a-kind production – It was filmed entirely while filmmakers and actors were in their own isolation, during the quarantine period from April to June.

The story of “7th Revelation” is this: During the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, a group of six individuals find the weight of isolation pushing them to the brink of insanity as they find themselves consumed with the pressure of work and the threat of sickness. The group is attempting to salvage a cruise line’s reputation after the company is blamed for bringing the coronavirus into the United States on one of its cruise ships. Each must battle the destructive demons of isolation, addiction, conspiracies, and jealousy.

Enter a world of isolation that grows into conspiracy and eventually spirals into insanity.

As the name implies, this movie is the first of its kind. We are making a movie about social distancing, while social distance, hence the title – “7th Revelation”.

We have brought together a core group of veteran actors a crew to bring this horrific tale of conspiracies and mysteries to life … from a distance.

Even in times of social distance, independent artists are finding a way to gather (safely) and create and entertain.



Cast and Crew

Jed Rowen – Stork Winters
Tasha Tacosa – Alexus Morales / Lexi Moran
Christine Ashley McGee – Carol Gallegos
Sean Patrick McGee – Dave Dennison
Rachel Riley – Jess McIntyre
Kasey Brown – Nick Thomas

Vernon Wells – Gil Oldman Jr.
Paul Bradford – Eric Anders
Paul Bunnell – Danny Fontane
Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg-Lippe – Edward Grace
Noellie Burger – Skyler Bannon
Brenda DeRe – Dana Andrews
David Beatty – Captain James Terry
Tanamin Clark – Captain Samuel Flynn
Zan Alda – Jared Kincaid
Justin P. Warren – Henry Crandall
Hans Hernke – Josh Jones
Dawna Lee Heising – Ashley Flowers
Sheri Davis – Ashley Diamond
Nicole-Nigar Mammadova – Nina Laurent
Kyrillos Saber – Reza Manzur Jr.
Amanda Thomas – Sara Sampson
Jason Kartalian – Ken Fogler
Steve Wollett –  Jebediah Marsh
James Di Giacomo – Mark Williamson
Ana Harrison – Bonnie St. Claire
Camilla Goritz – Angela
Megan K. Warren – Susan Crandall
Bobby McGee – Bobby

Writ, Cut, Made by – B. Luciano Barsuglia

Lead Editor
Jennifer Noonan

Assistant Editors
Andrew Roberts
Jed Rowen

Robert Aquato

Additional Writers
Steve Wollett (Pastor Marsh)
Christine Ashley McGee (All Right, All Right/Cold Fish)
Sean Patrick McGee (All Right, All Right/Cold Fish)
Tasha Tacosa (Here For You/BYOB)

Executive Producer
B. Luciano Barsuglia
Barry Barsuglia
Rob Mahoney
Todd Plesco
Steve Wollett

Shawn Ness
Greg Python Gilbert
Debbie Lynn Elias
Jimmy Pressley
Shane Samsel

Associate Producers
Dane E. Connor
Kelley Daniel
Brenda DeRe
Hans Hernke
Jeff Leroy
Stephen Satterfield

Cinematography, Sound Design, Other Stuff
B. Luciano Barsuglia

Wardrobe Assistants
Aziel Chavez

Script Supervisor
Nina Chavez

James Harrison

Camera Operators
The Cast Members
Anita Carmona Harrison
Liliana Chavez
Hamid Y. Najafli
Pearry Teo

Creative Consultant
Brad Rusk

Sound Recordist
Hafiz Poladzade

Artwork behind Alexus/Lexi
“It was an odd day”
Signed Unknown

Original Soundtrack Song
“Everything is Fine”
Nico Marks Music (c) 2020
Used with Permission

Special Thanks
Trevor Bartlet
Christopher S. Begley
Thomas Haley
Rudy Ledbetter
Jimmy Pressley
Kyle Roberts
Spring Schultz Lade
Duffy Palmer-Barsuglia
Sierra Barsuglia


  • WINNER (3) in The IndieFEST Film Festival 2020 Awards of Merit in the categories of feature film, direction (B. Luciano Barsuglia) and acting (Jed Rowen).
  • WINNER (3) NYC Indie Film Awards or Best Feature Film, Best Actor (Vernon Wells) and Best Director! Nominated for Best Actor/Male (Jed Rowen), Best Actor/Female (Tasha Tacosa), Best Screenplay.
  • WINNER (3) in the Accolade Global Film Competition for Best Feature Film, Best Actor (Jed Rowen), and  Special Mention for Best Supporting Actor (Vernon Wells).
  • WINNER (2)  Vegas Movie Awards, Award of Prestige for Best Feature Film and Best Screenplay. Semi-Finalists (top five) in the categories of Best Actor (Jed Rowen) and Best Director.
  • WINNER (1) – Bronze Award for Feature Films in the 2020 Latitude Film Awards.
  • Official Selection to the 2020 Vegas Cinefest International Film Festival in consideration in the category of feature film.
  • Semi-Finalist to the Focus International FIlm Festival for Best Feature, Best Director, Best Actor (Jed Rowen), Best Supporting Actor (Vernon Wells), Best Actress (Tasha Tacosa), and Best Supporting Actress (Rachel Riley).
  • Nominated for Best Editing in the Diabolical Horror Film Festival.

Media & Trailers



Gil Oldman Jr. (Vernon Wells) and Stork Winters (Jed Rowen) have a moment in “7th Revelation”


Sean Patrick McGee, Paul Bunnell and Kyrillos Saber in a meeting of the minds in “7th Revelation”


Gil Oldman Jr. (Vernon Wells) and Edward Grace (Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg-Lippe) have a private conversation in “7th Revelation”


Dreamscape employees at work from afar (Sheri Davis, Christine Ashley McGee, Dawna Lee Heising).


Jed Rowen as Stork Winters seeks the truth in “7th Revelation”


Stork Winters (Jed Rowen), Ken Fogler (Jason Kartalian) and Henry Crandall (Justin P. Warren) discuss dirty secrets in “7th Revelation”


Need to get away after the pandemic ends? Visit Dreamscape Cruise Lines to find your slice of paradise.


Just what is behind the Church of the 7th Revelation (Steve Wollett).


Be wary of live broadcasts (Tanamin Clark, Rachel Riley, Amanda Thomas).






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