The Greater Beyond (Novel)

Buy on Amazon In the distant future, Earth is a dying planet. Captains Duncan Liddleman and Jack Guttenuff are humanity’s only hope. The two men venture to the far reaches … Read more

The Midnight Sea (Novel)

Buy on Amazon The Midnight Sea is a fantastic adventure about humanity versus nature. A group of researchers, big game hunters and fishermen go on a grand expedition in one … Read more

Lady Nite (Novel)

Buy on Amazon Lady haunts the nights with translucent eyelashes, piercing black eyes and skin that is pale in comparison to the moon. She is hunting for someone … the … Read more

The Dark Hours

The Dark Hours is a three part series. Buy on Amazon. The complete trilogy is now available. The Dark Hours combines the elements of the horror and western genres, telling the story … Read more

Prints & Fine Art

A collection of sunrises, sunsets, waves, water, beach themes, and more.