The Midnight Sea (Novel)

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The Midnight Sea is a fantastic adventure about humanity versus nature. A group of researchers, big game hunters and fishermen go on a grand expedition in one of the greatest shark hunts ever.

After a fishing boat mysteriously sinks, a wealthy adventurer commits himself to finding an extinct shark. When personalities collide and nature unleashes her wrath, more than the expedition is in danger.

Money and power aren’t enough for J.D. Sawyer. He is obsessed with making his mark in history as he scours the unknown depths for new species of sea creatures. A recent find hints at the possible existence of an extinct beast; one more powerful than the mighty great white.

It is the mythical carcharodon megalodon. J.D.’s son, Nick Sawyer, cares little for the expedition. He hopes to find a common bond to reunite him and his father. However, as they journey deeper into the ocean depths, Nick will be faced with two choices; either that of self-discovery or scientific discovery.