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Amber Road is a hidden place in the digital universe where anything can be bought, sold and traded. Anything.


It is a place where a person can fulfill their darkest desire or unleash their deepest depravity. And once you travel down that path, there comes a point where you can never return.

This is a horrific tale filled with twists and turns in a world where nothing is as it seems. A husband and wife awaken to find themselves trapped in a basement dungeon apparently at the hands of a serial killer driven by the demands and requests of sick and demented individuals finding a community on the dark web.

A deputy sheriff closes in as she investigates the murder of her husband as well as a string of recent child murders. As the story unfolds, the viewer discovers that the characters are connected in unexpected ways and the climax is an unexpected explosion of terror.

Cast & Crew


Rachel Riley | Pauline Jensen
Elissa Dowling | Emma Porter
William McNamara | James
Janet Wang | Mary

Tom Sizemore | Pluto
Robert LaSardo | Hades
Vernon G. Wells | Sheriff Taylor
Vincent M. Ward | Archie

Jed Rowen | Deke
Tasha Tacosa | Reyna
BJ Mezek | Agent Dale
Mike Ferguson | Agent Martin
Ames Tiedeman | Short Eyes
Hans Hernke | Jonas Hilliard

Gregory Blair | Bobby
Crystal J. Huang | Atropos
Kasey Brown | Murdr_Deth_Kill
Lisa Hinds | Marla
Dave Shecter | Alan
Kyrillos Saber | Maddox
Paul Bradford | Elgin
Wyatt Tiedeman | Danny Porter
Chris Giese | Michael Porter
Ana Harrison | Piper
Dan Kern | Ren
Dom Poniac | Kane
Tracy Lear | Helena
Skylar Lear | Kyle


B. Luciano Barsuglia

Assistant Director/Camera Operator
Andrew Roberts

Sound Engineers
Ryan Creasey
Andrew Roberts

Production Sound Mixer
Ryan Creasey

Additional Camera Operator
Jeff Leroy

Make Up Department Head
Melanie Young

Line Producers / Script Supervisors
Brenda Glim
Owen Borum
Leigh Reddick
Jeannie Quirus

B. Luciano Barsuglia
Jennifer Noonan

Robert Aquato

Original Song
“Defiant One”
Written & Performed by Dane E. Connor

Key Artist
Kyle Roberts

Executive Producers
B. Luciano Barsuglia
Barry & Betty Barsuglia

Co-Executive Producers
Lisa Hinds
Bj Mezek

Hans Hernke
Rob Mahoney
Chris Sanders
Jasmine Wood

Kashif Khan
Shawn Ness
Steve Wollett

Associate Producers
Kelley Daniel
Brenda Glim
Stacy Johnson
Dawna Lee Heising
Jay McCarey
Jesse Monk
Jimmy Pressley
Gregory Schmauss
Kyrillos Saber
Shane Samsel

Consulting Producers
Adam Magnoli

Judy and Jud Carter
Betty Barsuglia

Best Boy
Maria Dolores Power

Prop Master
Lorena Tuohey

Production Assistants
Owen Borum
Avery Guerra
Leigh Reddick
Owen Borum

Gore and Prosthetic Body Parts Handlers
Owen Borum
Leigh Reddick
Andrew Roberts
Melanie Young

Special Thanks
Dane E. Connor
Mark Flemmich
Rudy Ledbetter
Bill Slusser
Bob Schroeder
Jake Vamp
The Heritage Museum of Orange County

Filming Locations
Koa Aloha Media in Huntington Beach
Garden Grove
Santa Ana

This motion-picture photoplay is a work of fiction. Any similarity to real persons (living or dead), places, events, or other material is coincidental and unintentional. No animals were harmed in the making of this motion-picture. This motion-picture photoplay is protected by copyright and other applicable laws in the United States and other nations and may not be duplicated, distributed, re-broadcast, or used in any other manner without the expressed written consent of the copyright owner. This material is intended for personal use only and the public exhibition or broadcast of this material is prohibited by law.

AMBER ROAD ©2022 Koa Aloha Media. All Rights Reserved

News & Reviews


Amber Road had a theatrical premiere special screening (out of competition) at the Culver City Film Festival on December 3. The movie has been selected to 10 festivals and won 22 awards.