Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde: A Study Guide For Teachers, Students And Readers

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In-depth analysis of Stevenson’s classic The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. For teachers, this an easy to use tool that can be used as an entire unit; used for individual resources; or used to aid unit creation, teaching and understanding.

It contains pertinent background information about Stevenson and the Victorian era; in-depth character analyses; chapter-by-chapter breakdowns; discussion points; research themes and ideas, assignment, projects, study guide questions, objective and written exams. The study guide questions are designed to illicit understanding for the reader.

In the “Study Guide Question Answers” there are specific points of discussion as well. For students and readers of Stevenson, this study guide can be used to offer additional insight and resources that may not be otherwise available. It contains common and alternative analysis of text and characters, aiding in reading and understanding of the layered classic.