Impact Event

A slow burn to insanity as a meteor strike, the end of the world, killer clowns, and cannibal convicts converge in this sci-fi-horror-thriller!  This is an action thriller with a touch of sci-fi and a dab of horror (okay, maybe more than a dab).

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Impact Event revolves around a group of survivors who find themselves spending a post-meteoric apocalypse in a fun house converted into a bomb shelter.

The story opens on the day of impact. The unsuspecting populace of Earth watches as the gargantuan Roberts Meteor cruises near the planet. Unbeknownst to most, however, NASA has lied. The meteor is on a trajectory to not only hit the Earth, but to destroy every living organism. Not even bacteria is expected to survive. 

Through a bit of luck (good and bad), the catastrophe, while still apocalyptic, isn’t the be-all-end-all for life on Earth. In fact, there are survivors!

A small band of survivors find themselves in the most unlikely of bomb shelters, a haunted house themed fun house outfitted to survive Armageddon! This group of misfits soon finds out exactly where and who they are when the world ends.

The cast features Academy Award winning actress Margaret O’Brien (who won an Oscar for Meet Me in St. Louis), action icon Vernon Wells (The Road Warrior), veteran actor Michael Berryman (The Hills have Eyes) and Hollywood mainstay Richard Grieco (21 Jump Street) along with multi-award winning indie movie icon Jed Rowen (The Ghastly Love of Johnny X) as well as Tasha Tacosa (Giantess Attack) and Chris Giese (Dark Walker)!




Updated Omega Man Poster

IMPACT EVENT Poster – Reflections


Here are a few screenshots from the final cut!


The New & Official Trailer for Impact Event

The Impact Event “Earhquake” Music Video

Cast and Crew


Jed Rowen — Gordon
Tasha Tacosa — Cassie
Chris Giese — Billy
Richard Grieco — Justice Outlaw
Michael Berryman — Raymond
Vernon Wells — Ed
Margaret O’Brien — Amanda
Randal Malone — RJ Malone
Barry Jay Minoff — Dave
Windy Hamilton — Wendi
Chalet Lizette Brannan — Julie
Remmy Jones — Ida
Tanamin Clark — Omega Man
Hans Hernke — Alpha
Chi-Lan Lieu — Sarah Chau
Zan Alda — Jacob Wilson
Luis Zuniga III — Bravo
Richard Markham — Charlie
Theo Hill — Delta
Damion Pace — Ned
Christopher Alvarado — Zed
Alex Green — Echo
Carmine Giordano — Pat
Joseph Pozo — Henry
Justin P. Warren — Grady
Phillip Baloga — Doug
Barbara Rosenfeld — Jane
Sierra Barsuglia — Fawkes
Steve Wollett — Obed
Daemon Pedroza — Enrique
Ken Balina — Tobe
Camilla Goritz — Carla
Charles A. Townsend — Kane

Executive Producers

B. Luciano Barsuglia
Chris Giese
Stephen Warren
Ken Balina
Barry Barsuglia
Richard Grieco
Lore Callahan


Devon McCann
Joseph Pozo
Betty Barsuglia
Thomas Haley
Hans Hernke
Ann Palmer
Fred Robinson
Steve Wollett
Michael Warren
Peter Angelopoulos
Brenda DeRe
Brittany Hoffman


Phillip Baloga
Gregory Schmauss

Associate Producers

Shawn Ness
Kashif Khan
Daemon Pedroza
Trevor Bartlet
Deborah Connolly

Production Coordinator

Jo Mclachlin

Production Assistants

Josh Rifkin
Justin P. Warren
Justin Mabie
Christopher Alvarado

Special Thanks

Steven Clayton
Amy Schneider
Barb Rosenfield

Conceptual Art

Kyle Roberts

Lighting Technician

Andrew Roberts

Script Supervisors

Rasna Suri
Brenda DeRe
Brittany Hoffman

Production Manager

Aaron Spurlock

Line Producer

Michael Warren

Sound Engineers

Rod Kindlund
Ryan Medina
Aaron Spurlock


Chris Giese
Clapit and Mary Jane Bulseco


Liz Brase
Nick Reisinger

Additional Camera Operator

Jed Rowen

Body Double for Mr. Berryman

Andrew Roberts


Jennifer Noonan

Music Coordinator

Robert Aquato

Assistant Directors

Stephen Warren

Writter and Director

B. Luciano Barsuglia

Facts and Trivia

  • The majority of the movie was shot at the real life Hobb’s Grove in Sanger, California, near Fresno.
  • In the movie, the haunt is called Grandpa Hobb’s Haunted Attraction.
  • Actor Chris Giese, who plays Billy, also has a character he portrays ever year at Hobb’s Grove named Billy Bob Hobb.
  • Many of the movie actors are regular haunt actors at Hobb’s Grove every October, including Tanamin Clark (Omega Man), Windy Hamilton (Wendi) and many of the others.
  • Barsuglia’s last movie was more than 60% green screen and digital effects. He wanted Impact Event to contain very few digital effects. The gore effects are all practical with some digital enhancement and there are some digital effects to create the look of the world post-impact; otherwise, considerably fewer overall.
  • The characters Wendi (Windy Hamilton) and Ida (Remmy Jones) were originally written as 20-something males Walt and Ian. During open casting calls, actors were told, regardless of how it was written the roles were non-gender, or age specific. The script was re-written to accommodate both Windy and Remmy after casting.