Herbert West: Reanimator (In Production)

Presented by Koa Aloha Media
in Association with Furious Nerd Productions

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Herbert West: Reanimator is an episodic production revolving around the mythos and lore of H.P. Lovecraft with the tale of Herbert West at its center.

Cast and Crew

A Koa Aloha Media Production
in Association with Furious Nerd Productions


Zan Alda | Herbert West
Jed Rowen | Allen Halsley
Mike Ferguson | Nevin Winters
Tasha Tacosa | Edene Wells

Rachel Riley | Pauline Jensen
Steve Wollett | Marinus Willett
BJ Mezek | Frank Thurston
Jackson Everest | William Dyer
Dave Shecter | Randall Carter

Brenda DeRe | TBA
Dawna Lee Heising | TBA

Additional Casting TBA

B. Luciano Barsuglia

Executive Producers
Barry Barsuglia
B. Luciano Barsuglia
Brenda DeRe
Steve Wollett

Kashif Khan

Associate Producers
Paul Bradford
Jay McCarey
Shawn Ness

Consulting Producers
Dawna Lee Heising

Assistant to the Director
Lisa Hinds

Brian Bonner

Assistant Director/Camera Operator
Andrew Roberts

Sound Engineers
Ryan Creasey
Andrew Cervantes

Make Up Department Head
Melanie Young

Make Up and Hair
Melissa Hayes

Special FX Artist
Joe Castro

Line Producers / Script Supervisors
Owen Borum
Brenda Glim
Leigh Reddick
Dominci St. Clair

B. Luciano Barsuglia
Jennifer Noonan

Robert Aquato

Key Artist
Kyle Roberts
Sierra Barsuglia

Prop Master
Shawn Ness

Special Thanks
Matt Skinner
Charlie Skinner
James Wolffe


Our Story

The owner of Koa Aloha Media, B. Luciano Barsuglia, has been in the field of production for more than 25 years working on many movies, TV shows and much more.

We have successfully funded multiple projects which have all seen (or will see) wide distribution.

Recent award winning movies include AMBER ROAD (William McNamara, Tom Sizemore, Robert Lasardo, Elissa Dowling), THE ELECTIRC MAN (Tom Sizemore, Eric Roberts), SOCIAL DISTANCE (Vernon Wells, Jed Rowen),  IMPACT EVENT (with Michael Berryman, Richard Grieco, Jed Rowen, Margaret O’Brien) and DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE (with Mickey Rooney, Vernon Wells, William McNamara, Gianni Capaldi). Barsuglia has had the opportunity direct two Academy Award (R) winning actors in Rooney and O’Brien.

Additionally he has worked as an editor and/or producer on Clinton Road (Ice-T, Vincent Pastore, Eric Roberts), and the film 5th Borough (Tara Reid, Sean Young, Lillo Brancato).

People and Projects B. Luciano Barsuglia has worked with:

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