The Sierra Nevada Murders

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The Sierra Nevada Murders is a Crime/Drama/Suspense movie with a dash of horror and a splash of slasher, incorporating the mythos, legends and folklore embedded into California’s isolated areas of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

A former FBI agent, Dale Maxson, learns that a notorious serial killer has died in prison. Dale, no longer in law enforcement, reflects back on the incidents that occurred 10 years prior, leading to the capture of an infamous serial killer.

Verde Hills is a small community in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Its origins connect to descendants of Donner Party survivors and its legends equal those of the forlorn expedition. 

Many will say that Verde Hills has been cursed for the atrocities committed by its founders. Others will say the stories are not true, just the colorful tales of a bygone era. Retired FBI Agent, Dale Maxson has his own perspective. In 2010 Maxson led an investigation that uncovered a horrific crime scene and exposed a serial killer named Micah Anders.

Now, 10 years after Anders’ capture, the serial killer has turned up dead in his prison cell. The news ignites the memories Maxson has long tried to bury and forget.


The Production

This is a story that has been years in the works. Some core elements were shot nearly 10 years ago. The core elements of that original tale remain intact, while new elements were shot and woven into the fabric of a story that was never fully completed or realized.

So, just like the characters, the actors too have had the reality of time pass to add to the portrayals of these characters. And, like the character of Dale Maxson, 10 years later we can complete the tale.


Cast / Role

Daron McFarland | Dale Maxson
Tasha Tacosa | Angela Stratton
Rachel Riley | Mikayla Richards
D.T. Carney | Frank Dixon
Elissa Dowling | Jenna Anders
Jed Rowen | Jed Turner
Dede Newman | Taylor
Billy Hartmann | Jude
Thomas Haley | Darryl Saunders
Javier Morga | Micah Anders
Jon Snow | Shadow Figure
Bobby Field | Stanley Shields
Christine Cowden | Special Agent Spalding
Nick McCallum | Tim Hauser
Natalie Avital | Allison Fraser
Hans Hernke | Marcos Donaldson
Wesley Okerson | Tor Sorcar
Shawn Hauser | Marty Lipton
Chris Giese | J. Alfred Birdwell
Jessica Lightfoot | Tracy Saunders
Sierra Barsuglia | Stella
Lena Acord | Angel
Andrea Geren | Vera Green
Melita Ann Sagar | Gabby Thomas


Writ, Cut, Made by
B. Luciano Barsuglia

In Association with
Shawn Ness

Executive Producers
B. Luciano Barsuglia
Barry Barsuglia
Shawn Ness

Joseph Pozo

Coordinating Producer
Thomas M.J. Zdanowicz

Associate Producers
Mark Behar
Deborah Connolly
James Magnum Cook
Stig Ekren
Joseph A. Graziano
Keith P. Gregoire
Morten Grendal
Tom Harris
Hans Hernke
Gregg Holland
Rebecca Holland
John Kim
Todd Plesco
Espen Rudi
Melita Ann Sager
David Shipley
Stalle Solem
Robert Stark
Terry Stephens
Matthias Tshernko
Erick von Schulz
Ian Wood

B. Luciano Barsuglia

Post-Production Supervisor
Jennifer Noonan

Line Producer
Melita Ann Sagar

Production Manager
Stephen Warren

Dirctor of Photography
B. Luciano Barsuglia

Set Designer
Andy Roberts

Camera Operator
Jed Rowen
Aaron Spurlock

Robert Aquato


Sound Engineer
Chase Colagnelo

Special Effects Makeup
Jake Clever

Special Effects Crew
Terry Miller

Special Effects Artists
Kyle Roberts

Production Assistant
Jake Stiemsma
Chase Colangelo
Aaron Warren

Special Thanks
David Beatty
Lore Callahan
Simone Palmer
Tom Harris