Pandemic Undead

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This is a horror-comedy B-movie in the finest of fashion. Filled with blood, guts, gore, action and bullets. An FBI raid reveals terrorists poisoning the water supply in a small California town. As the FBI and National Guard race to save the day, a group of college students head to Pismo Beach for spring break debauchery.  But a pit stop leads the would-be partiers to the edge of the Armageddon where they face irate cannibals, rabid zombies, and an impending military attack. Can they survive? Can they keep the party going during the apocalypse?


Cast and Crew

Writ, Cut, and Made by
B. Luciano Barsuglia

Executive Producers
B. Luciano Barsuglia
Shawn Hauser
Barry Barsuglia

Shawn Ness
Hans Hernke

Jeff Bilbo
James Magnum Cook

Contributing Producers
Kim Bland
Justin Brewer
William J. Fluty
Bret Harris
Tuomas Miettinen
Mary Miracle
Nick Miseur
David M. Sitbon
Aaron Thaler
Jonathan Wilkinson

Associate Producers
Jonathan Butcher
Alan Cossettini
Joey Paul Gowdy
Andrew Hendricks
Thomas Marcum
Steve Nguyen
Joseph Pozo
Preston Wayne Pratt Jr.
Luke Veinot

Robert Aquato

Jennifer Noonan

B. Luciano Barsuglia

John Philbin | Agent Richardson
Joe Estevez | News Anchor
Jed Rowen | Jed Farmer
Rachel Riley | Sweet Thing
Chris Leone | Ted Farmer
Klattan Thomas | Ned Farmer
Bobby Field | Bill Williamson
Hans Hernke | Rookie Davis
Javier Morga | Patient Zero and Rob
Danielle De Luca | Jennifer
Kimberly Fisher | Linda
Christine Cowden | Spaulding
Daron McFarland | Dale Maxson
Shawn Hauser | Hero Hauser
D.T. Carney | Bad Guy in Black
Brian Schreiber | The Other Bad Guy

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