The Horror We Make

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This is an award-winning documentary from Koa Aloha Media presented by INFLUX Magazine and in association with Mezek Films and Furious Nerd Productions.

It features interviews with horror icons, filmmakers, actors, and fans of the genre.  Together we will be discussing why the horror genre is so important, which movies had the greatest impact, why we keep coming back for more, and what we hope to see in the future of horror.

The Horror We Make

An intimate journey into the horror genre through the eyes of horror icons, actors, filmmakers and fans.

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  • Our last documentary had a two-year festival run, saw 25 festivals, won 12 awards;
  • We plan on a long festival run as well as traditional distribution with this documentary.


Cast & Crew

We are just getting started, but here’s who we have lined up so far (with many more to come)!


Reggie Bannister (Phantasm)

Vernon Wells (The Road Warrior)

David Howard Thornton (The Terrifier)

Vincent Ward (The Walking Dead)

Joe Castro (Terror Toons)

Sean Cain (Jurassic City)

Dustin Ferguson (Meathook Massacre)

Sean Haitz (Big Top Evil)

Rachel Riley (Jurassic City)

Jeff Leroy (Rat Scratch Fever)

Jed Rowen (Pretty Boy)

Janet Wang (Amber Road)

Steve Wollett (Jack Be Nimble)

Paul Bradford (7th Revelation)



In Association with 
Mezek Films
Furious Nerd Productions

B. Luciano Barsuglia

Executive Producers
B. Luciano Barsuglia
Lisa J. Hinds
Rob Mahoney
BJ Mezek
Todd Plesco
Charlie Skinner-Cheverie
Steve Wollett

Associate Producers
Bryan Bonner
Paul Bradford
Marvin Maddicks Jr.
Jay McCarey
Tim Trilioni

Camera Operators
Jed Rowen
Jeff Leroy

Special Thanks
Gigi Bannister
Chuck Berk
Vincent Brocoli
Dane E. Connor
Jeffrey J. Ellen
Avery Guerra
Daemon Pedroza
Charlie Skinner-Cheverie
Matt Skinner

About Us

Here is our brag sheets below! Our movies have won dozens of awards, played in festivals and theatres throughout the world and had distribution on all major outlets.