A Bard for the Ages

Now available for viewing rent or buy on VOD!  Click Above or Watch on Vimeo and YouTube Koa Aloha Media Links: FB | Instagram | Twitter | Web Now available for viewing rent or … Read more

Antiquity (In-Development)

ANTIQUITY: FEATURE FILM (Suspense/Horror) Antiquity is the haunting and suspenseful tale of a mysterious creature imprisoned and cared for by a secret fraternal order. Twice a year, the Antiquity must feed. … Read more

7 Rivers (In-Development)

SEVEN RIVERS: FEATURE FILM (Suspense/Horror) A young woman awakens in a secluded inn following a car accident. She soon realizes the caretakers and the guests are there for a much more … Read more

A Haunting at Hobb’s Grove

An original documentary, A Haunting at Hobb’s Grove, chronicling the adventures of one of the country’s most popular haunts.  The place is real. The scares are real.

3-Square the Series (Available Now!)

Watch Here with Koa Aloha OnDemand! Wild sketch comedy from the 3-Square Players! Episodes include: Tainted Matress Earl Watches a Porno Hot Yoga Meat the Vegan Who Gets Ma? The … Read more