Sunsets by the Pier

Beautiful December Sunset Photos in Huntington Beach!

Sunsets near the pier on a December evening … December 19, 2014 I believe.  I went down to the pier to take some portrait photos of a father and daughter and I caught these sunset shots as well!

Sunset Photography 06
Gorgeous oranges falling over the ocean.
Sunset Photography 08
From the pier. Lifeguard tower 2.
Sunset Photography 05
Golden hues at the pier.
Sunset Photography 04
Shot downt he side of the pier, catching one of the shops with a giant snowflake.
Sunset Photography 02
I really like the bird caught flying through this picture.
Sunset Photography 09
Landscape in portrait mode!

My Favorite Sunset Photo …

I believe … is the one with the pier and the golden rays shining down over it!