In Development

This page houses our projects that are in development or ready for development. These are finished screenplays and ready to go or projects ready to enter the pre-production phase.

If you are interested in learning more about one of these projects or are interested in our company prospectus/investor deck, let us know! Contact us here.

In Development


Antiquity is the haunting and suspenseful tale of a mysterious creature imprisoned and cared for by a secret fraternal order. Twice a year, the Antiquity must feed. Its caretakers find willing victims who compete and are rewarded for sacrifice and survival. Antiquity is a cross between Alien and A Quiet Place with blockbuster-Conjuring-style franchise potential.


A unique re-telling of the classic play, mixing the Shakespearean tragedy with real-world history and a focus on being able to be used in the classroom as a worldwide teaching tool, as well as having theatrical sensibilities for watching in theaters and on outlets such as Netflix, Amazon, and other premium networks such as HBO and Showtime. We have a page dedicated to the development of this project here.

SEVEN RIVERS: FEATURE FILM (Suspense/Horror) A young woman awakens in a secluded inn following a car accident. She soon realizes the caretakers and the guests are their for a much more sinister purpose, and her visit was not a mistake. She finds herself in a purgatory-like setting with two mysterious guides taking her through hellish and horrific phases of judgment as they expose the secret layers of her life. Written with multiple franchising opportunities in mind.

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Ready for Development

GENERATION EXCESS: FEATURE FILM (Thriller/Drama) In the not-so-distant future, an ever-growing corporate power partners with the United States government to rid the world of the Beta Virus. The Beta is a plague like disease that has exploded into a devastating pandemic. The story opens with Danika Fisher and her first day on the job at the Agency, an ever-growing conglomerate networked into the everyday lives of US citizens. Danika soon discovers that the Agency is larger and more powerful than she could have ever comprehended, and their plans to are far more devious than helping resolve the growing plague. Generation Excess is  a story for the 21st century with a stong female lead, playing on our fears of government and corporate control while tying into the timely concerns of pandemic diseases and biological warfare.


100 DAYS: SERIES PILOT (drama) Tired of the hypocrisy of Washington D.C., award winning screenwriter, Rob Shaw, decides to write the perfect candidate for American politics. He recruits fellow Hollywood icon, actor Jack Magnus, to play the role of candidate. Their goal is to reveal a broken system. “Axolotl” is the series prologue setting the stage for the candidacy of famed actor Jack Magnus as he begins his campaign to run for President of the United States.


JOHNNY GUNN: FEATURE FILM (Action/Crime/Thriller) Johnny Gunn is a hitman with ties to the military and government. A routine hit becomes more than expected as he finds himself in a battle for control of a military made chemical weapon of mass destruction. Federal Agents Maxson and Spaulding walk a narrow path of right and wrong as they look to both aid and stop Gunn.  A group of corporate employees wind up in the middle of the conflict while away on a retreat. The retreat turns into a near massacre when the chemical weapon is released and it falls on Gunn to decide who should be saved and who is expendable.