We’ll Fix it in Post

Post-Production Services at a Glance

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If you’ve been in the creative industry for any length of time, you’ve heard someone say, “We’ll fix it in post.” Whether you’ve planned your course or had something go awry, we can help finish your production.

Post-production ranges from a variety of services from visual editing to sound editing to dialouge cleaning to foley to color correction to titles to delivery for distribution whether it be in theaters or VOD or BluRay or other media. Koa Aloha Media has the experience and expertise to bring all the pieces together, to fix and clean sound, or to polish a product that’s nearly done.

Services we can provide:

  • DCP (Digital Cinema Package) creation
  • Sound Editing, Mixing, & Repair
  • Dialogue Editing
  • Visual Editing
  • Musical Score
  • Sound FX and Foley
  • Color Correction/Grading
  • Opening Titles and End Credits
  • Visual FX / Visual Enhancements
  • Deliverables (DCP, DPX, TIFF, ProRes, DNXHD, IMF, H.264, H.265, MOV, etc.)

This is often the area most overlooked by independent filmmakers. They put all of the consideration into producing the first two-thirds of the process but overlook what can actually be the make or break aspect of an indie film.

We can help with editing, visual effects and all elements of sound design.

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Contact us for more information or a quote.

THE ELECTRIC MAN – Featuring Tom Sizemore, Eric Roberts, Vernon Wells, Elissa Dowling, Jed Rowen, Rachel Riley, and James Di Giacomo.

RELEASE: – Through IndieRights; Worldwide; All Media; Multi-Award Winner

THE FIFTH BOROUGH – The movie features Lilo Brancato (A Bronx Tale), Sean Young (Blade Runner), Tara Reid (Sharknado) and many other well-known names. We did visual editing and sound design for this feature film.

RELEASE: Theatrical 2020; Worldwide All Media; Distributed by Random Releasing

Here’s a trailer for CLINTON ROAD (with Ice-T, Eric Roberts and Vincent Pastore). We did all post production for this movie (editing, visual effects, titles, music, sound mixing, foley, etc.).

RELEASE: Theatrical 2019; Worldwide All Media; Distributed by Acort International

Below is the trailer for THE HINSDALE HOUSE. We were the post production house and supervisor on this movie doing the editing, sound mixing and trailer.

RELEASE: Worldwide All Media 2020; Distributed by Indie Rights

Forgotten Legacy is currently on the festival circuit with its World Premiere at the TCL Chinese Theatre on Feb. 20, 2020 as part of the Golden State Film Festival.

Here is a recent documentary that started its festival run in December 2019 and is currently on the festival circuit.

IMPACT EVENT is a sci-fi thriller scheduled for worldwide release in 2020 through Wild Eye Releasing. It features Michael Berryman (The Hills Have Eyes), Richard Grieco (21 Jump Street), Vernon Wells (Commando, The Road Warrior) and many others. This movie also received a multitude of awards and festival appearances!

This is the trailer for our multi-award winning Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde featuring Academy Award winning actors Mickey Rooney and Margaret O’Brien as well as a host of others! The movie had a great run on the festival circuit in 2017-18 and will be entering into worldwide distribution in 2020 through Wild Eye Releasing.


We recently completed post-production on Clinton Road (with Ice-T, Eric Roberts, Vincent Pastore and Richard Grieco). For this project, we did the complete film editing, visual effect creation and editing, complete sound post production (foley, sound fx, dialogue and musical score).