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What we are looking for:


Current Projects: Dinner with the Devil (Feature Film)


We are currently casting for one role in Dinner with the Devila feature film wrapping production in Jan/Feb 2024.

  • Female Lead Ensemble: Age 25-40. This character is reserved and tentative, holding her trauma within. Due to the spread-out shoot schedule; local actor is preferred. Please fill out the form and send info below.
  •  Paid with meals and credit. Travel is not included.

CASTING (General)

  • We are always looking for actors. Please send us links to reels or past self-tapes so we can get an idea of your range!
  • Choose a scene that shows off your acting prowess! Pick a scene from a movie that shows a range of emotions, especially sadness, pain, and desperation. You pick the scene!


  • Any level of experience is fine!
  • Seasoned pros or those looking to get experience welcome!

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