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Are you interested in a part with the cast or crew in one of our upcoming productions?

What we are looking for:


Current Projects: Dinner with the Devil (Feature Film) and Herbert West: Reanimator (Episodic Show)


We are currently casting for two roles in Dinner with the Devila feature film shooting in late July and August.

  • Female Lead Ensemble: Age 25-40. This character is reserved and tentative, holding her trauma within. Due to the spread-out shoot schedule; local actor is preferred. Please fill out the form and send info below.
  • Non-Gender Specific Supporting: Age 35 or over. This character is arrogant, somewhat obnoxious, and has an overwhelming sense of entitlement. Local actor preferred, but not required. Please fill out the form below and send info. The role is currently written
  • Supporting Roles: We have a handful of supporting roles that are non-gender, non-age specfic. Please submit reel and info below. Local preferred, not required.
  •  Paid with meals and credit. Travel is not included.

CASTING (General)

  • We are always looking for actors. Please send us links to reels or past self-tapes so we can get an idea of your range!
  • Choose a scene that shows off your acting prowess! Pick a scene from a movie that shows a range of emotions, especially sadness, pain, and desperation. You pick the scene!


  • Any level of experience is fine!
  • Seasoned pros or those looking to get experience welcome!

Please fill out the form below to give us a best since of where/if you might fit on an upcoming project!

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