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Enter the name of your movie here.

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Select any applicable add-ons. Please ask questions before ordering.

We can create backups for festivals as well as duplication-ready retail masters.

Only order additional copies if you have also ordered a master.

We can create backups for festivals as well as duplication-ready retail masters.

Only order additional copies if you have also ordered a master.

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  • Normal DCP Service is 11-14 Day Turnaround
  • 3-10 Day Turnaround is an additional $150
  • 24-72-Hour is an additional $250

Turnaround time takes effect once invoices are paid and assets are received.

All prices are based on “ready-to-go” files. If your file does not pass quality control, we will inform you of the issues/concerns before proceeding.

All pricing models include a digital download link and standard FedEx shipping within the US if ordering a hard drive. If you need overnight shipping or courier delivery, additional fees will apply.

Your countdown begins, once we have verified your master file and received payment! We ship and deliver digital downloads by the final day.

We can provide the following:

  • Complete 2K and 4K Digital Cinema Packages (DCP)
  • We do a quality control evaluation of both the submitted file and the final DCP
  • 6-month download access for your DCP through Dropbox
  • Linux DCP formatted hard drive USB 3.0 or a theatre-ready CRU-DX115 drive.
  • Priority mail delivery (2-3 days) of your hard drive (if ordered)
  • We can communicate with a festival or theatre technician to ensure compatibility

What you provide:
Read more about Preparing Your File Here

  • A master file –
    • Preferred: HD ProRes 4:2:2 or 4:2:2 HQ with stereo or 5.1 sound
    • We can take most standard formats such s MP4 or MOV.
    • Contact us if you have a different file format
    • Do not have countdowns, color bars or anything extra. We process your DCP “as is” when delivered.
    • REMEMBER: Your DCP will only be as good as the file you submit to us. Errors on the big screen or more likely to be accented rather than diminished.
  • Multichannel audio (5.1) must be one (1) track of audio (with 6 channels), not 6 tracks of individual mono channels;  also do not provide a stereo pair on channels 7/8 or any additional wild tracks.

The process:

  • Deliver your master file digitally or send it via mail
    • We prefer you use our file server to upload directly to us.
    • Digital files can  easily be sent via Dropbox, Google Drive, WeTransfer, etc.
  • Once we receive and verify your file, we will send an invoice
  • When the invoice is paid, we will begin making your DCP
  • You will then receive a link where festivals/theatres/you can download your DCP
  • If you are using our DigitalDCP service with a partner festival, turnaround is 10-14 days after the festival conclusion. You can possibly opt for a $50 service fee if you need it sooner. Please check with us first.
  • We will send the hard drive to one location within the USA if you order a drive.