We offer professional videography, photography, and media production services for weddings and events with elegance and expertise for complete and total coverage of your event.

The name "Koa Aloha" reflects our beliefs in lifestyle and how to conduct oneself both professionally and personally.

“Koa” is a Hawaiian word with a number of meanings. One meaning is warrior or soldier. Another meaning for Koa is bravery, courage, or fearlessness.

Koa is also the name of a native tree, which is one of the largest trees in the Hawaiian forests. Koa wood is highly valued. It was once used for surf boards or canoes, but today there are too few large trees to do such projects, so it is now used for furniture, bowls, jewelry, and ukuleles.

The word “Aloha” is used as a greeting as well as to communicate love. It also has a much deeper meaning. As many know, central to the Hawaiian culture is the Aloha Spirit. This is basically, a commitment to treat oneself, others, and nature with kindness, respect and love.

Whether you need photography and/or videography for a wedding, a seminar, a performance or something else, we can provide the quality and budget you need.

Video samples show weddings over the years with additional samples available on our website. For corporate clients and other events, we can provide additional samples as well.  Since 2002, we have shot videography and photography for nearly 600 wedding events. 

In addition to weddings, the owner, Brian Barsuglia, has worked professionally with high profile clients such as Honda, Acura, the LA Fashion Show, GenArt, America's Funniest People, MGM/UA and many others. As an editor for Landscape Architect and Specifier News as well as other regional and national publications, his photographs have been published nationally as well as regionally in multiple Orange County publications and newspapers.  Additionally, he has published more than 500 articles on the local, regional and national levels. 

Barsuglia has a master's degree from CSULB and a bachelor's degree from CSUC.

The experts at Koa Aloha Media ensure high quality at a reasonable price. Our goal is to exceed the quality you expect at a price you won't believe!