About Your DCP



This DCP was created to have the most compatibility possible with existing playback systems.

If a theatre has an issue, please let us know, so we can check compatibility.

A DCP is a Digital Cinema Package consisting of six (or more) files in a specifically named folder (see notes below).

IMPORTANT NOTE: When downloading, always download files individually (not zipped/compressed)
and store in the folder with a name looking something like this – MovieTitle_FTR_F_EN_XX_INT_51_2k_NULL_20211230_E_SMPTE_OV.
(you may need to copy and paste the folder name when using Dropbox)



– We primarily use Dropbox to store and transfer to DCPs to keep costs to a minimum.

– If your file is large, you may need to temporarily upgrade your Dropbox account to download. In most cases the base service will work. In some instances you will need to pay for an upgraded Dropbox account for large files.

– Always download large files, especially those larger than 100GB, from the Dropbox Desktop App, not a web Browser. Again, downloading from a web browser will be the most problematic way to use Dropbox.

– Best Practice: Install Dropbox on your computer. This will create a folder on your computer. Then click on the link for your DCP and choose the “Save to My Dropbox” option. Navigate to the Dropbox folder, right click (on PC) or more options on a Mac, and choose the “Make Available Offline” option. This will create the most effective download method from Dropbox.



– Never Zip or Compress your files. These files contain mass amounts of data and are likely to become corrupted if compressed.

– DCPs are created to be played specifically with Digital Cinema Projection systems.

– Specialized Linux formatted file systems are required for proper ingestion into a cinema projector.

– If you deliver your DCP on a Mac or Windows formatted drive it WILL NOT play in a theater.

– Do not change any of the file names or content of any of the files. To do so will corrupt your DCP.

– Your DCP will be as good as the file we made it from. On the big screen technical concerns are typically augmented rather than hidden.



– We will supply you with a downloadable Dropbox link to share as needed.

– It is best to use the Dropbox Desktop app to download, especially larger files (over 100 GB).

– Downloading from the web browser will often not work on larger files.

– “Adding to Dropbox” also works well, but this requires you to have a Dropbox account with enough space for the file.

– Be sure to save in the folder name included (do not change, very important).

– The folder name will look something like this: MovieTitle_FTR_F_EN_XX_INT_51_2k_NULL_20211230_E_SMPTE_OV.



– You can download directly from the Filemail Desktop App (best), FTP, or webbrowser (slowest).

– Always download files individually; do not zip or compress.

– Be sure to save in the folder name included (do not change, very important).

– The folder name will look something like this: MovieTitle_FTR_F_EN_XX_INT_51_2k_NULL_20211230_E_SMPTE_OV.



– A DCP folder can be stored on a Windows or Mac machine.

– A DCP can only be properly played on a Windows or Mac machine with very specific DCP software only.

– A DCP can be stored in the cloud for download; however, any compressing/zipping/stuffing will corrupt the package.

– If stored in the cloud, files should be downloaded individually only.

– If a FESTIVAL is asking for a downloadable DCP, this implies they are taking care of the hard drive compliance.

– DCPs can only be played in theatres on a very specific drive format (see below) and do not work with Windows/Mac.

– DCPs are designed for playback at 24 and 48 frames per second. Other frame rates may work but we can’t guarantee this as it depends on the theater’s system.



– The Digital Cinema Initiative began in 2002 as a way to insure universal playback in theatres. It remains the standard today.

– More information about the DCI can be found here: https://www.dcimovies.com/.

– Digital Cinema Projectors use an older Linux file format system and will only play with properly formatted drives

– If you have a DCP on a DCI compliant hard drive, it will not play on Windows/Mac computers.

– Attempting to use a DCI compliant hard drive with Windows/Mac will most likely corrupt the entire drive.

– A DCI compliant hard drive must be made through a Linux operating system, not through Windows/Mac operating systems.