OC Motor Heads (2013) (Available Now!)


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The complete first season of OC Motor Heads.

Two guys and a bunch of hot rods. Real people. Real cars. Real life. This is reality that kicks reality’s ass.

Colangelo Automotive Repair and Classics, in Garden Grove, CA, is a two-man, blue collar shop, dealing with the day-to-day realities of wrenching on hot rods and making a business work in tough economic times.

Owner, Ric Colangelo, dreams of helping his family, his friends, and making his shop successful at any cost. All the while, there’s the goal of getting back in the driver’s seat, restoring his race team and burning up the drag strips once again.

Mechanic and former millionaire, Shawn Hauser, welds and wrenches his way through the daily grind of the business. A self-made millionaire on two separate occasions, Shawn has twice lived high and twice lost hard, only to rise up again. For Shawn it’s family first, the business of cars second, and underneath, well, Shawn’s always got something in the works. Check it out on IMDB!

And, most importantly; it’s all real.

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Season 1
Episode 1: Introductions
Meet Ric. Meet Shawn. Meet the first project: The Roadster!

Episode 2: Burnouts
Ric gets together some Hot Rods for fast driving and burnouts. Things don’t turnout as planned!

Episode 3: The Blowout
Ric and Shawn are always working, and sure they love each other, but now and then they just don’t agree.

Episode 4: Back to the Roadster
The Roadster turns out to be a much longer and more in-depth project than expected.

Episode 5: Finishing the Roadster
The Roadster lets its engine roar for the first time in 24 years. But is it done? Maybe not …

Episode 6: Tattoos and Tiaras
Ric and Shawn show their dedication by getting tattoos! Ric is getting a “cover up” on his arm and Shawn is getting a complete neck wrap.

Episode 7: The Big Move
Shawn and Ric put on their big boy pants and move to the new shop in Stanton!

Episode 8: Jerry Bickel Hello and Goodbye
The Jerry Bickel Pro Stock car had a year of love put into fixing it up, getting ready to race, but then …

Episode 9: Quick Fix Mustang
Every car has a story with some more unique than others. This one was more than a car. It was part of a family.

Episode 10: Hot Rods on Display
Shawn, Ric, and the OC Motor Heads journey to a local car show to make some noise.

Episode 11: NHRA, Here We Come! Part I
Ric and Shawn get the new dragster in the shop, close a big sponsorship deal and sit down with NHRA driver, Ron Capps, and the legendary voice of the NHRA, Dave McClelland.

Episode 12: NHRA, Here We Come! Part II
The visit with Ron Capps and Dave McClelland concludes. Ric gets ready for a return to racing.