Koa Aloha Studios: A Look at our Future

This proposal is still in the developmental stages and not meant to be used as an investment request at this juncture. This is a private link for internal review only and the contents are not meant for public consumption.

Download the complete prospectus here.


Express Your Interest in Koa Aloha Studios, LLC

Express Your Interest in Koa Aloha Studios, LLC

We are strictly gauging interest. In no way is this a solicitation for an investment nor have we started fundraising in anyway. In no way is the information submitted binding by either party.

Feel free to take a few minutes and review our prospectus in the following tabs, then let us know if this would be of interest to you. Thanks so much! -Brian Barsuglia



Koa Aloha Media: A Movie Studio for The Masses

Interested in investing in upcoming projects? We are considering a Crowd SAFE investment option. Once we gauge interest, we’ll make a decision, so if you’re interested in this as a possibility, let me know.

Koa Aloha Media has a proven track record with five completed feature films and an award-winning team attached. Rather than invest in one single movie, we are giving investors a chance to become a part of a studio with a production plan for four movies (and a backlot) in place if we achieve our financing goals.  These genre-based movies have a higher probability of success. additional, with the creation of a “backlot” or our Standing Set Studio, we will be generating additional revenue in conjunction with the distribution of the movies produced. This gives investors an opportunity to be a part of a rising Hollywood movie studio for the long run, not just one production.

Our 4-Film and Standing Set Studio Investment Plan!

  • Investment sought: $125,000 to $1,070,000
  • The goal is to produce four (4) movies over a two (2) year period as well as create standing sets that will be rented out when not in production to create a continuous cash flow and the development of an independent movie production company.
  • This is a 3-Stage approach: Stage 1 is the creation of a Standing Set Studio (a backlot), Stage 2 is producing two genre-based movies, and Stage 3 is producing two literature-based movies.
  • We will produce two (2) made-for-education productions with a theatrical and worldwide appeal for outlets such as iTunes, Netflix, Amazon Prime and VOD as well as a perennial audience in education.
  • We will produce two (2) genre-based movies specifically the aforementioned VOD outlets.
  • Movies will be made with theatrical quality and shooting sensibilities and also marketed to theatrical distributors and film festivals.
  • Movies are being produced with the idea of each being able to be a franchise opportunity. Early investors will continue to reap all future rewards.
  • We will also create a permanent “standing set” studio that will be rented to filmmakers and YouTubers on a regular basis, that will also off an opportunity for investors to see a more immediate increase in company valuation.
  • We will hire and use recognizable actors and talent in each movie to broaden the distribution appeal and will begin to yield a return within the first year.
  • Depending on the final investment financials, individual movie budgets may vary with a goal of $125,000 to $250,000 per movie.

Investment Terms

Investment Terms

This is not a finalized investment plan. This is the route we are considering at the moment before finalization.

Security Type: Crowd SAFE (Simple Agreement for Future Equity

Round Size: Min: $125,000 Max: $1,070,000

Valuation Cap: $4 million

Discount: 20%

Conversion Provisions: In connection with an additional round of equity financing of at least $1,500,000, the Company has the option to convert the Crowd SAFE into units of a series of non-voting SAFE Preferred Units, at a discount of 20% of the price per share of the new preferred units sold in the equity financing or a valuation cap of $4,000,000, whichever results in a lower conversion price.

What does this mean?: In short, early investors will see greater returns! Whether we meet our minimum goal of $125,000 or our maximum goal of $1,070,000, this means you, the early investor, will have a share of the revenue of Koa Aloha Studios, LLC for the long haul. Whether you’re with us while we produce one move or 10 movies, your early investment plants the seeds for all of our future successes.

Stage 1

Stage 1: Standing-Set Studio (a backlot)

One of the greatest costs to any film is that of set and locations. Koa Aloha Studios, LLC plans on addressing that by building sets that can be used and re-used, redressed and used again and again for our own productions.

Additionally, we are planning on building “Standing Sets” that can be used/rented by other filmmakers. We will be located within the ever important “studio zone” which greatly impacts producers working with unions such as SAG-AFTRA and we will rent the studio space for significantly lower prices than those of the Hollywood backlots and sets which typically cost producers a minimum of $8,000 a day.

Our plan is to build commonly used and needed sets such as bedrooms, hospital rooms, jail cells, dining rooms, hallways, offices and other elements that producers need a controlled shooting environment for and renting out those sets in the $1,500-$2,500 range on a daily basis.

Standing Sets will be built with a primary purpose but also designed to be configurable based on filmmakers needs. The Standing Sets to be built would be as follows:

  • House Interior with the following sets:
    • Kitchen
    • Living/Dining Room
    • Bathroom
    • Bedroom
    • Extra Room
  • Hospital Interior
    • Patient Room
    • Morgue and Crematorium
    • Reception
    • Waiting Room
    • Miscellaneous Room
  • Police Station / Office / Prison Interior
    • Office
    • Bullpen
    • Cellblock
    • Interrogation and lineup
  • Additional Elements
    • Long Hallway
    • Configurable Room for any need
    • Green Screen / infinity Wall
    • White background / Infinity Wall
    • Wild Walls (moveable and configurable)
    • Restaurant/Diner
    • Classroom

Stage 2

Stage 2: Genre-Based Movies

Genre-based movies have the greatest possibility for highest level of returns on independent budgets.  We will look toward producing one horror movie and once science fiction movie. These are both genres that have high demand on VOD, film festivals and conventions.

Within the horror genre alone, consider success stories such as Saw, The Blair Witch Project, and Paranormal Activity.  Not only do the individual movies have the opportunity for success, but they have the ability to launch lucrative franchises as well.

The movie with the most grandiose budget, Saw, was made for $1.2 million and grossed more than $104 million. Additionally, filmmaker James Wan used its success to launch three of the most successful movie franchises in entertainment history (Saw, Insidious, and The Conjuring).

The Blair Witch Project was made for $60K and grossed nearly $250 million and spawned two additional movies. Paranormal Activity was made on a budget of $15K and grossed $193 million and launched an ongoing series of sequels.

The first genre-based movie we will produce is a Conjuring-esque style horror/suspense/thriller entitled 7 Rivers. It is a uniquely written story that also ties in to our “studio” plan as part of this proposal. The sets constructed for this project will also be the core portions of the “standing-sets” in the studio which will also be rented out to filmmakers.

The next movie to be produced for our genre-based productions will either be The Dark Hours and The Greater Beyond.  Both of these already have marketable tie-ins as well. The Dark Hours has a fully completed three-part comic book. It is a genre crossing tale of  cowboys battling vampires.  The Greater Beyond has a completed novel ready as well. It tells the story of two desperate astronauts in search of a salvation for a dying Earth. Both have screenplays already written and are ready to enter the pre-production stage.

Stage 3

Stage 3: Literature-Based Movies

With the recent success of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, we have reinforced the notion of an entirely untapped market for movie production – that is education.

Gone are the days of movies for education needing to be poor quality sit-ins for the real thing. Instead, we can produce made for education movies with theatrical sensibilities that have a regular market year-after-year, as well as a market for people who are already familiar with the work.

There is already an audience for these projects! Half the battle is already won.  The goal is to make a teachable version of each project – made for education with a ready-for-theater production value.

The Tragedy of Macbeth will likely be the first of these movies produced. We are already in the midst of pre-production on Macbeth. We have also started working with the Society of Creative Anachronism to insure epic battle sequences.  This movie would also tie in with our top-selling study guide on Amazon.

The next in this series will most likely be chosen from the following pieces of literature commonly taught: The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet; Beowulf; The War of the Worlds; or Tales of Poe, Volume 1: The Tell-Tale Heart, The Cask of Amontillado, The Fall of the House of Usher. 

These are all works of literature taught widely throughout the world. And all of them are lacking adequate movies which can be used as teaching companions to the text.  Additionally, with the wide interest in the chosen topics/books, there is an immense audience for each of these outside of education as well.


The Perks!

Perks are meant to be a thank you from the company for investing. The perks below are inclusive only of the specific dollar amount invested. You can upgrade to a different perk during the investment period of this campaign. Travel and related expenses are not included unless otherwise stated.  Each film will have a VIP Premiere Party. Each Perk represents the associated credit in each film produced under this program.

$100: Special Thanks film credit on each of the films produced.

$500: Special Thanks film credit on each of the films produced.

$1,000: Production Assistant film credit on each of the films produced.

$2,500: Contributing Producer film credit on each of the films produced and 1 invitation to VIP Premiere Parties featuring name talent from the films

$5,000: Assistant Producer film credit on each of the films produced and 1 invitation to VIP Premiere Parties featuring name talent from the films

$10,000: Contributing Producer film  credit on each of the films produced and 2 invitations to VIP Premiere Parties featuring name talent from the films

$15,000: Associate Producer film credit on each of the films produced and 2 invitations to VIP Premiere Parties featuring name talent from the films

$25,000: Co-Producer film credit on each of the films produced and 2 invitations to VIP Premiere Parties featuring name talent from the films.

$50,000: Producer film credit on each of the films produced and 4 invitations to VIP Premiere Parties featuring name talent from the films

$100,000: Executive Producer film credit on each of the films produced and 10 invitations to VIP Premiere Parties featuring name talent from the films.

$250,000: “A Film By [your name/company]” at the opening of each film along with Executive Producer film credit on each of the films produced and 10 invitations to VIP Premiere Parties featuring name talent from the films.

Company Highlights

A Little About Koa Aloha Media

Koa Aloha Media is an award-winning production company that has produced multiple feature films, web series, and a variety of other productions.

The recently produced Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde was honored with 17 awards and received 3 nominations. Six of the awards were best feature wins!

The Owner, Brian Barsuglia, is also an accomplished photographer and video producer having been named “Best of” Los Angeles and Orange County on multiple occasions. He was even named the 2016 #1 photographer in Los Angeles on the service aimed website Thumbtack.

Executive Team

The Executive Team

Brian Barsuglia
Founder/Executive Producer/Director, Brian Barsuglia, has worked in the entertainment industry for more than 25 years. He is a multi-award winning filmmaker, photographer and video production specialist.  He has produced and directed five feature films and worked directly with two Oscar Winners (Mickey Rooney and Margaret O’Brien).

Currently, he is in post-production on his most recent feature, Impact Event, which stars O’Brien, Vernon Wells (The Road Warrior), Richard Grieco (21 Jump Street) and Michael Berryman (The Hills Have Eyes).   He is also serving as the editor on the $2.5 million dollar film Clinton Road, starring Ice-T, James DeBello (Cabin Fever), Vincent Pastore (The Sopranos) and Ace Young (American Idol).

He also works in education, where currently serves as the Director of Film and Media Arts and oversees a program with an annual budget over $500,000.

Tasha Tacosa
A a producer/writer/actor/director, Tasha Tacosa has seen a wide degree of success in the industry. She is a multi-award winner and has been working with Cleopatra Record’s independent film division as a producer on three feature films, all of which are expected to get theatrical and worldwide VOD releases through their distributor Sony Orchard in 2017-2018. As a classically trained actor, she has worked in Second City and was a writer/actor for the recently produced Latin Sketch Comedy with “The Latin Kings of Comedy.”

Tasha has also worked for Showtime as a producer/writer and show-runner for both Beach Heat Miami and Girls of Sunset Place (which she also co-created). Recently, she has also worked on multiple successful new media productions and overseen all aspects of social media content creation, including an upcoming educational series entitled Wordinaire.

Andrew Roberts
Andrew Roberts will serve as a producer and studio set designer, one of the key elements to the overall plan for production and studio creation. Andrew has worked in some form of entertainment for over 25 years. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Technical Theatre concentrating in Technical Administration from Frostburg State University in Maryland and is currently pursuing his Master’s in Education in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of San Diego. Andrew has worked all over the country in a variety of venues and has the honor of working with some powerhouse entertainers; stage managing and designing lights for performers such as James Brown, Maya Angelou, Kevin James, Jim Breuer, and countless rock bands. He has built scenery for television, news broadcasting and film as well as permanent sets for the State Dept and the Pentagon.

Simone Palmer
Simone Palmer has served as the office and business manager for Barsuglia since 2003. She will oversee the primary business management including studio bookings and payroll.

Industry and Market Analysis

Industry and Market Analysis

With the various onDemand outlets in the digital world, there is a growing and constant demand for content.  Genre-based movies have proven their worth again and again within the entertainment world.

The education-based movies do not have a comparable as there is no other production company doing this. We would be the frontrunners in this market.

Genre-based independent movies have again and again proven their worth in the entertainment market.  The previous examples of Saw, The Blair Witch Project, and Paranormal Activityare movies that have exceeded expectations by tens of millions of dollars.  There are also numerous examples of movies and distributors finding great success on smaller scales. With the immense number of viewing mediums in existence, the possibilities are endless for well-made independent feature films.

Here is the breakdown for these three movies, their budget, their US gross, their worldwide gross and the totals for the entire franchise so far.

  • The Blair Witch Project – Budget: $60K | US Gross: $141M | Worldwide: $249M | Franchise: $333M
  • Saw – Budget: $1.2 MM | US Gross: $56M | Worldwide: $104M | Franchise: $908M
  • Paranormal Activity – Budget: $15K | US Gross: $108M | Worldwide: $193M | Franchise: $879M
These three movies above are the ones we all know and have heard about. Not only did they exceed expectations, but they launched franchises with two of them earning nearly a billion dollars since they hit the market.

Other recent successful but lesser known movies include:

  • The Gallows (2015) – Budget: $100K  | US Gross: $23M | Worldwide: $42M
  • You’re Next (2011) – Budget: under $1M | US Gross: $18MM | Worldwide: $27M
  • Chernobyl Diaries (2012) – Budget: under $1M | US Gross: $18M | Worldwide: $38M
  • The Devil Inside (2012) – Budget: $750K | US Gross: $53M | Worldwide: $102M
  • The Quiet Ones (2014) – Budget: $200K | US Gross: $8.5M | Worldwide: $18M
While the Saw’s and Blair Witch’s are known for the excess in success, there are many others that fly under the radar to find immense success as well (That’s why channels like SyFy keep churning them out) proving a constant and content demanding audience.

Statistics according to IMDB (imdb.com) and The Numbers (the-numbers.com).

Use of Proceeds and Distribution

Use of Proceeds and Distribution

The use of the funds will be two-fold. First, to produce each of the movies. Second, to build out and manage the standing-set based studio for both production and rental.

If only the minimum goal of $125K is met, the primary use of funds will go the genre based horror movie 7 Rivers, as its set requirements will best allow us to create the Standing Set Studio in conjunction to film production.

As additional funds are reaised towared are ultimate goal of $1,070,000, each movie budget thereafter will include the expansion (as needed) of the standing sets along with operational costs of the studio.

From the Founder

A note from Brian Barsuglia:

As a producer/director/writer, I am currently finishing up my fifth feature film.  With each film, I have found greater and varying degrees of success.  I am looking to increase the budget of the next set of movies, distribute to the proven genre-based market and the untapped, but much-needed education-based market and yield high returns for the investors.

Through this investment we will increase the quality and add a higher level of recognizable actors to the cast helping to insure in every way possible we present an entertainment product that will find financial success.

Each of my movies has been a combination of self-financing and crowdfunding to this point. Each one has been completed and distributed, with production budgets of $8,000, $12,000, $50,000, $55,000 and $85,000.

My current movie, Impact Event, when done, will have cost in the realm of $85,000 to make.  It is a high quality, independent film with recognizable names and faces (Michael Berryman, Richard Grieco, Vernon Wells, Margaret O’Brien).   This movie was specifically catered for the Amazon Prime, Netflix and iTunes movie watchers. When all is said in done, I expect Impact Event to be in full worldwide distribution and to turn a significant profit.

A few highlights are:

  • Zombie Farm toured the country and played festivals, conventions and indie theatres in 2007
  • Jekyll and Hyde won 17 awards including 6 best features and 2 best directors
  • Jekyll and Hyde has found a niche education market, regularly selling its Movie/Study Guide package to educators
  • I have worked with Oscar-winning actors Mickey Rooney and Margaret O’Brien
  • I am currently serving as an editor for the movie Clinton Road starring Ice-T and Eric Roberts