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A slow burn to insanity as a meteor strike, the end of the world, killer clowns, and cannibal convicts converge in this sci-fi-horror-thriller!  This is an action thriller with a touch of sci-fi and a dab of horror.

A small band of survivors find themselves in the most unlikely of bomb shelters, a haunted house themed fun house outfitted to survive Armageddon! This group of misfits soon finds out exactly where and who they are when the world ends.

The cast features Academy Award winning actress Margaret O’Brien (who won an Oscar for Meet Me in St. Louis), action icon Vernon Wells (The Road Warrior), veteran actor Michael Berryman (The Hills have Eyes) and Hollywood mainstay Richard Grieco (21 Jump Street) along with multi-award winning indie movie icon Jed Rowen (The Ghastly Love of Johnny X) as well as Tasha Tacosa (Giantess Attack) and Chris Giese (Dark Walker)!


We were humbled and fortunate to be honored with three awards by the NYC Indie Film Awards

IMPACT EVENT was recently named as an Official Selection to the NYC Indie Film Awards!


Official Trailer!

The New & Official Trailer for Impact Event

The Impact Event “Earhquake” Music Video


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