Festival Submission Form

Silicon Beach Film Festival Submission  Form

Thank you so much for being a part of the festival. Koa Aloha Media has partnered with the fest to help organize and prepare the movies for viewing.

Only complete this form if you have agreed with festival organizers (not Koa Aloha Media) to be a part of the festival, as we are a third party company, not affiliated with the festival in any other way.

Theatrical Festival Requirements:

For theatrical festival selections, we require that your film be delivered as a DCP. We can help create one with our DCP partner Digital DCP, or you can deliver a professionally made and tested DCP to us (Do not use Adobe Premiere, DaVinci Resolve, Auto DCP or most free online DCP software, as we consistently see issues with theatrical playback). Never compress/zip/rar a DCP package.

Online Festival Requirements:

Your movie should be output as a high quality MP4 (h.264 encoded).  he best ways to submit a movie to us are through downloadable Vimeo links, Dropbox, Google, or similar file share/transfer services.  Be sure to enable downloads and include passwords.

We are often receiving hundreds of emails on a daily basis during festival periods, so please be understanding if we can’t respond right away.

Festival Submission 2021
DCPs are required for theatrical playback in most movie theaters.
Vimeo and FilmFreeway downloads preferred. For FilmFreeway, allow downloads for festivals you have submitted to. For Vimeo, toggle downloads on/off from the video's privacy settings. For GoogleDrive, please grant access to socalemc@gmail.com.
File must be downloadable. Vimeo preferred.
Add any additional info here that you think might be helpful to us.

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After you successfully complete and submit this form, please continue to the DCP Information Page here so we can figure out how we will be receiving your movie!