Amber Road for Review Consideration

Amber Road | 87 Minutes | Horror, Mystery

North American Release
12/25/22 – AlohaStream Exclusive
01/10/23 – DVD/Blu-Ray
01/30/23 – VOD Rollout

Rachel Riley (Pauline), Elissa Dowling (Emma)
William McNamara (James), Janet Wang (Mary)
Tom Sizemore (Pluto), Robert LaSardo (Hades), Vernon G. Wells (Sheriff Taylor)
Jed Rowen (Deke), Mike Ferguson (Agent Martin), BJ Mezek (Agent Dale)
Ames Tiedeman (Short Eyes), Tasha Tacosa (Reyna), Hans Hernke (Jonas Hilliard)

Writer/Director: B. Luciano Barsuglia

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