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Elegance, Satisfaction, Professionalism and Experience. 

We offer professional videography, photography, and media production services for weddings and events with elegance and expertise for complete and total coverage of your event.

With the production of more than 600 weddings and events caputred since 2002, we strive for perfection on your perfect day.

The name "Koa Aloha" reflects our beliefs in lifestyle and how to conduct oneself both professionally and personally.

“Koa” is a Hawaiian word with a number of meanings. One meaning is warrior or soldier. Another meaning for Koa is bravery, courage, or fearlessness.

Koa is also the name of a native tree, which is one of the largest trees in the Hawaiian forests. Koa wood is highly valued. It was once used for surf boards or canoes, but today there are too few large trees to do such projects, so it is now used for furniture, bowls, jewelry, and ukuleles.

The word “Aloha” is used as a greeting as well as to communicate love. It also has a much deeper meaning. As many know, central to the Hawaiian culture is the Aloha Spirit. This is basically, a commitment to treat oneself, others, and nature with kindness, respect and love.

Formerly named SoCal Entertainment and Media, we recently re-branded to reflect our commitment to the aloha lifestyle rather than just regional branding.

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Videography Overview

Elite, professional, elegant cinema-style movies made of your wedding day. Let us document and preserve your wedding day in amazing theatrical quality.

Capture and preserve your wedding day with elegance and professionalism in High Definition or 4K Ultra HD!

If we capture your wedding or event in 4K Ultra High Definition, we will produce an everlasting memory of your special day.  

Future proof your wedding memories. 4K Ultra High Definition is the future of video production and photography.

We can capture every frame with precision and beautiful quality with the ability to even pull and print any frame as an Ultra High Definition photograph. Capture cinema-like video and insure any and every moment is ready for photo printing.

What is 4K Ultra High Definition? Future-proof. That's what it is. 4K is cinema quality.  Whether you watch TV in UHD, HD or DVD, something that is produced in 4K will have the quality of a Hollywood production, and that quality will never be outdated.

Not only can we capture pristine video with 4K cameras, but we can pull, high quality stills to compliment our professional photography services as well.  In fact, we even have a special 4K Photo-Video package that combines the best of both worlds, delivering high grade video and professional photography.  Since 2002, we have shot nearly 600 weddings and events.  Our number one goal is to make sure your wedding or event is captured with care and quality.


Platinum Videography

This is the Platinum 4K Videography Package. Turn your wedding or event into a Hollywood blockbuster! We are unobtrusive as we capture your event from the fringes, recording the special moments, but never interfering and (hopefully) barely even being noticed!

What do you get?

  • We use multiple cameras throughout the day, recording the ceremony with 3 or 4 cameras, capturing the key reception events with at least 2 cameras, and documenting before and in between times as well.
  • We use professional audio, typically using a separate and professional digital audio recorder, as well as pro wireless mics and shotgun mics as needed, capturing the highest quality audio throughout the day.
  • Your final product is a professionally produced visual, edited and expertly crafted into three parts (for weddings), including the complete ceremony, the traditional wedding events, and a short highlight video, recapping the day! Videos are typically between 60-90 minutes completely edited.
  • Final Copies for your lifestyle. BluRay? DVD? Digital Copies. All three? We will supply what you need -- free of copyright restrictions.
  • You get final approval on the finished product! While you trust us to make the creative and editing choices, we let you preview and make up to 10 changes on your final edit!
  • Raw Footage: We will deliver all of the unedited raw footage to you on a thumbdrive or portable hard drive.
  • We will also include complimentary aerial/drone footage if the venue and FAA allow it in your ceremony location!
  • This package includes the following: Multiple cameras at ceremony and reception; one at other times | 2-videographers | 8-hours of coverage | pro audio | up to 3 locations | online private approval preview with up to 10 change requests | up to 40 4K still images pulled from video (print beautifully up to 8x10) | High Definition (BluRay) Quality for Downloading/Streaming Copies and delivered on a portable thumb/flash drive | up to 30 hours of custom editing.
  • Price: Contact us here.

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Video Samples

Samples are in Four Categories (Highlights | Ceremonies | Receptions | Other)


Compilation of Recent Weddings

Cinema-Style Shot in 4K

A Recent Cinema-Style Shot in 4K

Mixed Style Shot in 4K

Journalistic Style Shot in 4K

Mixed Style Shot in 4K

Mixed Style with Photos in HD

Journalistic Style in HD (from 2005 to demonstrate consistency of quality)

Journalistic Style of Traditional Church Ceremony in HD


Ceremony samples that put our expertise on display, our care for composition and our efforts to capture not only pristine imagery by high-end audio quality.

Cinema-Style Shot in 4K with Video, DSLR, and Drone Cameras

Simple Wedding Streamed Live Online, Shot in 4K.

A Recent Cinema-Style Shot in 4K with Video, DSLR, and Drone Cameras

Mixed-style Wedding Shot in 4K with Drone Use.

Journalistic-Style Shot in HD.


Cinema-Style, 3-Camera Reception in 4K

Journalistic-Style, Shot in HD

Mixed-Style, Shot in 4K

Journalistic-Style, Shot in 4K

Journalistic-Style Shot in HD


Mix of Footage with a Variety of 4K Cameras

Fashion Show in 4K

Musical Performance in HD with Pro Audio Recording

Some Recent Drone Footage


Photography Info

We will artistically and elegantly capture the beauty and excitement of your wedding. We use a variety of equipment and techniques with the ultimate goal of making sure your wedding is preserved beautifully and forever.

Expertise and professionalism.  We have shot more than 600 weddings and events, promising to use our expertise and professionalism to capture the beauty and uniqueness of your event.

Since needs vary from event to event, whether it be a wedding, a bar/bat mitzvah, or a quinceañera, please contact us so we can customize a special photography package just for you.


Wedding Pics 4

Wedding Pics 13

Wedding Pics 14

Wedding Pics 19


Platinum Photo

  • Your wedding will be expertly photographed and you will receive all digital negatives free of any copyright or watermark. This is the perfect package for most weddings.
  • You will receive free online access to all of your photos for viewing for six months in addition to all photos, copyright free digital negatives delivered on a data DVD or thumb drive.
  • Engagement Display and Photo: This also includes an optional Huntington Beach engagement/portrait session with up to 5 photos (one 8×10, four 5×7) for display at your reception. Black or White Frame display that you get to keep!
  • Package Highlights: This package includes the following: 2 photographers | 8-hours of coverage | up to 3 locations | Online access for 6 months | up to 1,500 photos | up to 80 photos digitally enhanced/edited for printing | Engagement Session | Traditional frame display at reception | All digital copies delivered on a portable thumb drive.
  • Photo Album: An 11.25"x8.75", 20-page, padded black leather photo album along with digital photo album with up to 80 photos. The album is custom designed and professional printed. Additionally, with the digital copy, you can then easily print at many different locations.
  • 1-Year Anniversary Portrait Session as well! Let's continue to celebrate your wedding with a 1-year portrait session to complete the process!
  • Price:  Contact us here.
  • ** Package discounts when you book videography too.

Photo Samples

Wedding Pics 4

Wedding Pics 3

Wedding Pics 8

Wedding Pics 2

Wedding Pics

Wedding Pics 6
Wedding Pics 14

Wedding Pics 19

Wedding Pics 18

Wedding Pics 13

Wedding Pics 12

Wedding Pics 11


We will artistically and elegantly capture the beauty and excitement of your wedding.

VIDEO STYLES: We shoot in two primary styles for video. They are Journalistic and Cinematic.

For Journalistic/documentary style weddings, we shoot with multiple cameras to produce a polished and professionally edited video, which documents your wedding day.

For Cinematic style weddings, we shoot with cinema style cameras and equipment, creating the look and feel of a theatrical movie!

Our packages can be shot in the style of your preference. All Bronze/Custom packages are shot primarily in a journalistic style unless otherwise noted.

PHOTOGRAPHY STYLES: We use a combination of styles for our wedding photography including Classic, Photojournalism and Natural Lighting.

Classic and Traditional styles of wedding photography cover the "shot list" ensuring the key elements, events and details  of the day are captured for album-style display.

Similar to a journalistic style for videography, the Photojournalism approach is one that captures the reality of the day, documenting non-posed moments throughout the day.

Natural Lighting makes use of the lighting elements within the environment and uses lights and flashes minimally.

About our Rates

Our packages are all-inclusive. What is listed is what you get without any additional or hidden fees. We take into consideration with each of these packages what will be needed to cover an event, hire staff, complete post-production, and deliver the final product.

At a glance, it might appear to be expensive, but the rates take into consideration everything that leads up to that coverage, the event itself and everything that happens after.

For example, for every single hour of video we shoot, we average about 3-4 hours of post-production in the editing process. With three cameras running at a wedding ceremony, we end up with three times the footage.  So if your ceremony is an hour long, we will have three hours of footage and approximately 9-12 hours of post-production, just for that single element.  Hopefully, that helps in understanding the process and the rates! Please contact us if you have any questions.

Additionally, if you have a need outside of one of our designed packages, let us know and we can create a custom quote just for your event.


  • Quote……..Custom Packages: available on request
  • Quote……..Drone Videography: Yes, we do service drone requests but each one must be approached on an individual basis as there are rules, regulations and permits regarding location and purpose that can impact the costs. Tell us the details and we can let you know.
  • $150/hr…...Rehearsal Dinner coverage: minimum 2 hours
  • $175/hr...…Additional Hours
  • $175…...….Additional Location
  • $250………Raw/Unedited Footage on BluRay or Portable Harddrive
  • $250………Raw/Unedited Footage on Portable Harddrive
  • $650………Slideshow: projected at Reception (80 photo, 10 minute max)
  • $450.........Live Ceremony Streaming Single Camera: May be subject to location wi-fi access and additional charges.
  • $850.........Live Ceremony Streaming Multi-Camera: May be subject to location wi-fi access and additional charges.
  • $1,250………Live Coverage played on projection screen at reception
  • $1,250………Video Love Song: shot on location prior to wedding; one day, one song; add $250 for projection at reception
  • $1,450………Video History: shot on location prior to event; with up to 50 images added; documents courtship with interviews, photos and courtship; add $250 for projection at reception.
  • $1,150.........Same Day Edit: We will edit the ceremony, the day's early happenings and key events of the reception into a video that can be projected during the reception (your final product will still receive additional editing and refining.)
  • $25/each.....Additional copies (BluRay or DVD)
  • $350............Additional Professional for complete event
  • $250............Additional Professional for ceremony or reception only
  • Destination Wedding (North America including Hawaii and Alaska, non-passport required travel). Multi-day packages start at $3,450 in addition to wedding package. Depending on requirements, price may vary. Price includes up to three days of coverage and travel costs.


***Note On Locations: Certain locations require permission and/or permits to shoot at them. Any costs for permits will be agreed upon beforehand and paid for by the client.

**All frames in the “Frame Display” belong to the photographer. If you would like to purchase your own frames for the display, please arrange for this with the photographer in advance.

*Notes on Pricing & Packages: 50% due at time of booking to reserve date. 50% due within 14 days of event. Cancellations within 90 days of event are subject to a 25% (1/2 of deposit) of balance cancellation fee. Cancellations within 30 days of event are non-refundable on deposit. During the editing process, client may be advised, but creative choices are that of the videographer/photographer.

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Wedding Videography, wedding photography, media and video production for your wedding or event in Los Angeles and Orange County. Based in Huntington Beach. If you need wedding videography or wedding photography, let us know. We are leaders in 4K Ultra High Definition videography and photography. Contact us if you need a professional wedding photographer and wedding videographer!