Dementia: An Experiment in Terror


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Original Format: DV (Digitally Remastered to 1080p)

Before SAW and before HOSTEl, there was DEMENTIA: AN EXPERIMENT IN TERROR. In the summer of 2004, two men were kidnapped and held captive for three weeks. The freakish assailants recorded the events with 28 separate cameras. This is the story told by those cameras.

This edition contains a blood-spilling, smattering of extras, include a narrated storyboard, the original pre-production trailer and more. Originally shot on DV, the movie has undergone a ddigitally remastering to upscale it to a high definition experience.

"B-Movie Greatness." -- Anonymous Viewer.

"The blood does flow. The bones do crunch and the viewer does cringe." -- Influx Magazine.

"I give the guys who made this film four stars in the marketing department." --The Horror Review

The "Extras" section of this DVD includes the short film CHAMPAGNE DREAMS. This is the story of Bobby Shaw, a career criminal, forced to choose between life, death and redempton when he befriends a mentally handicapped hotel worker.

CHAMPAGNE DREAMS: Director/Writer - B. Luciano Barsuglia; With Che Zon, Javier Morga, Simone Palmer and Steve Braden.

"Definitely a high recommendation for this type of film." --Film Monthly

"If you only see one independent, low-budget horror flick this year, make sure it's Dementia." --Influx Magazine

Marcus Barcroft, Christine Cowden, Shawn Hauser, Daron McFarland, Stephen Peirick, Che Zon, Miranda Rubin

This movie was created on recordable (-R) media.

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