Production and Consulting Services

Have you ever dreamed of making a movie?

Koa Aloha Media Would like to make that dream a reality.

If you would like to be in the business of movie making or looking to produce your own movie, we can guide you through all stages.  Whether you are starting or finishing, we can assist.

Regardless of what stage you are at in the production process, we are happy to listen. We have helped on many projects throughout the years and our glad to offer services in any of the areas noted below.

NOTE: We do not purchase screenplays or accept unsolicited submissions.  

We can work with most budgets and we will work with you to help guide or produce your movie to be on track for the best possible distribution possible for your project. We can guide you through the tangled web of film festival circuits as well as help you target your project for specific outlets such as Amazon, iTunes, Netflix and other VOD, cable and satellite outlets.

We offer the following services:


CONSULTATION: Start simple. Come up wtih a well-laid out plan. Whether you are working with a small budget or a large budget, we can help you formulate a plan to produce your movie.

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PRE-PRODUCTION: All stages from scriptwriting, to location scouting to casting/crewing and beyond. This is where experience really comes into play. We can help with all stages of pre-production including budget mapping, screenwriting, casting, crewing, pre-planning, location scouting and more.  A movie's final quality can often be seen by the detail given during the early stages.

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PRODUCTION: We can guide through all stages of production as well, whatever the need.

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POST-PRODUCTION: From editing to effects to audio to foley to ADR, we’re here to help ... and finish!

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Crowd-Funding: We are happy to help with the ins and outs of crowdfunding too. However, we do not recommend going into a project if its entire success is based on the budget you anticipate from crowdfunding.

Distribution & Marketing

DISTRIBUTION/MARKETING: Get that movie seen!

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Past Projects

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