Film & TV

We have a variety of recent releases including: Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr.  Hyde, A Haunting at Hobb's Grove and Making A Monster: The Story Behind Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde had the good fortune of winning 15 awards and is now available on VOD, DVD and Blu-Ray.

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Current Movies:

  • Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (watch/buy) - a true to text version of the Stevenson classic. With an educational emphasis, this was shot with theatrical sensibilities.
  • Making a Monster: The Story Behind Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Watch on YouTube) - An in-depth documentary from the first day of shooting and past completion of the movie. Filmmakers and actors share their experience on the set and sharing the screen with Hollywood icons.
  • A Haunting at Hobb's Grove (watch/buy) - One of the country's most popular haunts is documented in this behind the scenes look at what goes into creating a terrifying Halloween event. Released in 2016.
  • Zombie Farm (watch/buy) - In 2007, Zombie Farm stormed the festival circuit and went coast to coast playing in theaters and festivals. Check out the horror/comedy.
  • Aaron's House (watch/buy) - A story of horror and suspense about a paranormal researcher trying to get the heart of the mysterious events of Verde Hills. Released in 2012.
  • Dementia: An Experiment in Terror (watch/buy) - Two men are kidnapped and tortured while they're assailants document the terror in this 2006 horror film. Released in 2006.
  • Champagne Dreams (Watch!) - A short film about a criminal who considers a path toward redemption.  Released in 2004.

Current TV & Web Series

  • OC Motor Heads (watch/buy) - A season long reality TV show documenting the trials and tribulations of an Orange County hot rod shop.
  • 3-Square the Series (watch for free) - Sketch comedy.