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A mix between Halloween, Paranormal Activity, and The X-Files. A legacy of terror for more than 150 years. Haunted by a tradition of blood and mystery. Aaron’s House is a place visited by few, but known about by many. A paranormal debunker, a dead serial killer and his protegé, two FBI agents, a mythical cult, and the legend of Aaron Wiley, culminate and collapse upon Aaron’s House

Directed by B. Luciano Barsuglia (Zombie Farm)

Starring: Javier Morga (One Life to Live), Bobby Field (15 Minutes), Jed Rowen (Dahmer vs. Gacy), Elissa Dowling (Black Dahlia), Shawn Hauser (Extreme Dodgeball), DT Carney (John Dies in the End), Natalie Avital (The Three Hikers), Nick McCallum (Dexter).

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